When To Inspect Your Residential Heating System

If your heating system is less than 20 years old, it should still have some life in it...
Posted by Don Webster on August 28, 2017
Article Source: Efficiency Nova Scotia

How long does heating equipment usually last?

If your heating system is less than 20 years old, it should still have some life in it. 

You can expect as many as 20 to 25 years of service from properly installed and maintained heating equipment.

How often should heating equipment be inspected?

To help make this long service life a reality, it is a good idea to have your heating system inspected and adjusted on an annual basis. 

If your system is over 10 years old, be sure to have it serviced annually. 

How do you know when it's time to replace heating equipment?

Good preventative maintenance will ensure that your system runs safely and efficiently for a long time. 

However, an older system will eventually need to be replaced. 

You should replace your heating system when it is no longer cost effective to keep it in good working order. 

Your heating system has reached this point if one of the following statements is true:

  1. The heating system has an unsafe condition which cannot be repaired.
  2. Your old system is so inefficient that a replacement would pay for itself in energy savings.

What about efficiency testing?

It may not be obvious when your heating system has become obsolete due to its poor efficiency. 

Efficiency can be tested and measured when an annual inspection is performed. 

If your heating system is operating below 70%, then new equipment is available with substantially higher efficiency.

The amount of money you will save depends on how much you presently spend on energy for heating your house.